Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Safe Haven of Humble Women

After I left a life of Domestic Violence, I pushed myself to take care of business to ensure a future for my son and I. I was use to being alone so that coupled with
the fact that I was back with my family was fine with me. I talked myself into believing that it was ok for me to close myself off from rest of the world to protect myself and my son. In April I met the wonderful women at My Sister's House. While I thought the day I left DV was a life changing experience, the day I walked into My Sister's House was a reality check. Not only did I meet women that shared similar experiences. but many of them had graduated to their own success stories and were helping the rest of us to get to their level. I thank them for their guidance, love, and support.

Friday, August 21, 2009

My Prayerful Journey

TMK's Artist Statement

I am a Domestic Violence Survivor and I have lost 3 children.   My son is a reminder of the heavenly father’s love for me.  I was not allowed to take many pictures of him during the course of my relationship with his father.  Now that I am free from his bondage I am taking as many pictures as I can of him.  I was also not allowed to grieve for the loss of my children.  I have been blessed to use my photographs as a coping mechanism.  We all have stories and a purpose in this world.  I am not an exception to the rule. Although I would not wish what I went through in the past 5 years on my worst enemy, I am thankful that I sympathize and not empathize with others about Domestic Violence and experiencing the loss of a child.  While I am very new to the world of photography my goal is to become a strong voice against Domestic Violence and child abuse.   I plan to capture the essence and character of others, as well as other subjects through human interest photographs.  

 In addition to Violence, the world is filled with poverty, hatred, pollution, deception, etc.   We cannot begin to help others or someone in particular, if we are not aware that this problem exists.   I want to be a strong voice to help others.   If something from my photographs captures the interest of my audience, and through that, causes something to be done about a disturbing situation then I have done my part to help someone cope with his or her situation.

I choose what I photograph out of emotion.  This exhibit represents my thoughts on a brief period in my life from isolation to peace.   My photographs represent unhappy as well as happy parts of my life, after the birth of my son.  For example, I photographed a little shack because it triggered a moment when my son and I were living in a house with no electricity and heat except for the makeshift provisions provided by the owners of the house.    Another image is a close up of barbed wire in a field. This is beautiful to me because it represents strength.   It is old and rusted but still very strong.  Another photograph is a selfportrait of me reflecting on the loss of my son, Seraphim.  My challenge is to capture the true emotions of others experiencing triumph, trials, and tribulations.