Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Safe Haven of Humble Women

After I left a life of Domestic Violence, I pushed myself to take care of business to ensure a future for my son and I. I was use to being alone so that coupled with
the fact that I was back with my family was fine with me. I talked myself into believing that it was ok for me to close myself off from rest of the world to protect myself and my son. In April I met the wonderful women at My Sister's House. While I thought the day I left DV was a life changing experience, the day I walked into My Sister's House was a reality check. Not only did I meet women that shared similar experiences. but many of them had graduated to their own success stories and were helping the rest of us to get to their level. I thank them for their guidance, love, and support.

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Tamara Rene Wing Marotto said...

I know that I saw this at the the tea, but to be able to see it when I can be in peace and focus puts a whole new spin on things. You do such a beautiful job and have said what so many want to say but can not because we do not always have the words. Sometimes words are not needed really is the vision that matters. Never never never never give up!
Your friend Ne'